Mercury Retrograde got nothin' on me

The Alchemist’s Kitchen is a dream escape for anyone who loves kombucha and plant-based and herbal remedies. It is a gorgeous shop in the Bowery that has a very special and intimate event space downstairs. They host everything from music and art performances to group events focused on health, wellness and meditation.

We set up a shop in the event space during a special Embrace Mercury Retrograde party. They say our tech goes on the fritz when Mercury is in retrograde, but we feel it just needs a little bit of sprucing up. As poets, writers, musicians and comedians took the stage to perform, we had the pleasure of cleaning screens and doing our little bit to make the event a bit brighter. Calm down, people. Your emails are sending and your batteries are not dying. All you need is a bit of tea and a Sprucie!

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Things we learned from the Indie Beauty Expo

This past week, we were thrilled to participate in the Indie Beauty Expo an event that showcases independent brands across beauty, wellness and lifestyle. Here are some things we learned as first timers exhibiting at a trade show:

  1. Don’t forget to show up with lots of supplies and display materials (thank goodness we had enough time to make an emergency Target run after we showed up with thousands of loose Sprucies and nowhere to put them!)

  2. The other vendors you meet can be the most helpful - and they make the long days go by much faster. Shoutout to our new friends at Clean Pits, Be Biotin and London Brush Company!

  3. Vegan, made in the USA and plant-based products are all the rage. We’re happy to be in such good company and to see these trends taking hold across the beauty and wellness industries.

  4. You can never start too soon with a regimen of anti-aging creams, hair supplements and face masks :-)

  5. Get sleep and wear sneakers! These days are loooooong!

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White House, Clean Screens

While most people are gawking over the stunning gowns at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Jill and I are just looking out for POTUS to use a Sprucie! That’s right. Sprucies made their way to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner today as part of a special gift bag for attendees of the People & TIME dinner party. President Obama, show us how you spruce!

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Have Fun with us at STORY

If you’re local to NY or here for a visit, a stop by STORY in West Chelsea is a must-see on your to-do list. STORY is an amazing retail concept store that reinvents itself every 1-2 months with a changing theme, curating new products with each new “STORY.” Last month, we were rushed ourselves down to Chelsea to be one of the first companies in line for #PITCHNIGHT. We had the opportunity to pitch our product to STORY CEO Rachael Shechtman and HSN CEO Mindy Grossman. Each presenter had a short (and intense!) 3 minutes to tell their product story and answer quick fire questions from Rachael and Mindy.

Sprucies struck a chord with fellow germaphobes Rachael and Mindy, and our product was selected to be part of the next STORY, “Have Fun,” launching today! “Have Fun” celebrates the launch of the new Pepsi emoji cans and is an awesome mix of emoji-based, colorful, techie products. Our smiling Sprucies fit right in! We’re honored to be placed amongst so many other cool companies. Here are a few pictures from #PITCHNIGHT and some shots of Jillian and I at the STORY launch party. Come check us out through May 23rd.

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Clean Screen Saturday at Ricky's!

We had so much fun at our event in the Ricky's in Union Square. We tested how much bacteria was on your phones (using a very fancy ATP testing device to swab the surface), gave away some Sprucies, and had a blast. Watch our montage here!

Our germ test showed a huge variety of results. Just for context, a score of 0-80 meant your phone is “pretty clean”, 81-200 is “dirty” and 201+ is “very dirty.” One anonymous visitor scored a whopping 7446! YUCK! Let’s get that man a Sprucie ASAP!

We love doing events, so don't worry if you miss one! Follow us on social to find out where we may be cleaning screens next!

Sprucies are available at Ricky’s stores across New York and you can find locations on our Retail page! 

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