Our 5 Favorite Gifts in Health / Wellness for 2016

Nothing is better during the holidays than doing a little bit of self pampering or receiving a gift that focuses on your health and wellness. 

Here is our round up of our 5 favorite things that we would LOVE as gifts this holiday season, and think someone else might too :)

1. We live in New York, and right now it is winter. That means our skin is cold and dry! One of my favorite moisturizing tricks are using these amazing sheet masks from Japan right before bed for about 20 minutes. Your face will feel smooth and refreshed! Available for purchase here.

Moisturizing Sheet Mask by LuLuLun

2. Nothing is more soothing or relaxing than getting home and lighting a candle. We are both obsessed with candles and pride ourselves on our candle collections. A personal favorite? This Aspen candle by Capri Blue - available here. Smells just like being in the mountains, and not stuck inside New York City. 

3. In case you haven't noticed, we are germaphobes. We spent the last few months perfecting our new product - and now we couldn't be more excited to be obsessively using, and sharing with the world - our 100% natural hand sanitizers. Try our Chamomile-Lavender fragrance for a fresh new fragrance that is super calming. Shop it now

4. The ultimate luxury - a bath! Especially for those of us who live on the East Coast, few things are more enjoyable than a hot soak. Add in some extra skin care treatments and you can't lose. Try these Fresh bath sugar cubes to exfoliate and moisturize your skin for your next long bath. 

5. Part of any balanced healthy lifestyle is exercise. Recently, yoga has become a big part of my routine, and I am very into my new yoga mat. A "sticky" yoga mat actually makes a huge difference in your practice, and helps you avoid worrying about slipping in class. I love the Manduka mats and you can find them here

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