Mercury Retrograde got nothin' on me

The Alchemist’s Kitchen is a dream escape for anyone who loves kombucha and plant-based and herbal remedies. It is a gorgeous shop in the Bowery that has a very special and intimate event space downstairs. They host everything from music and art performances to group events focused on health, wellness and meditation.

We set up a shop in the event space during a special Embrace Mercury Retrograde party. They say our tech goes on the fritz when Mercury is in retrograde, but we feel it just needs a little bit of sprucing up. As poets, writers, musicians and comedians took the stage to perform, we had the pleasure of cleaning screens and doing our little bit to make the event a bit brighter. Calm down, people. Your emails are sending and your batteries are not dying. All you need is a bit of tea and a Sprucie!

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