Clean Screen Saturday at Ricky's!

We had so much fun at our event in the Ricky's in Union Square. We tested how much bacteria was on your phones (using a very fancy ATP testing device to swab the surface), gave away some Sprucies, and had a blast. Watch our montage here!

Our germ test showed a huge variety of results. Just for context, a score of 0-80 meant your phone is “pretty clean”, 81-200 is “dirty” and 201+ is “very dirty.” One anonymous visitor scored a whopping 7446! YUCK! Let’s get that man a Sprucie ASAP!

We love doing events, so don't worry if you miss one! Follow us on social to find out where we may be cleaning screens next!

Sprucies are available at Ricky’s stores across New York and you can find locations on our Retail page! 

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