5 Reasons to Buy Sprucies

1. Even if you aren’t a germaphobe, you should care about how dirty your phone is! If you are anything like us you are touching it constantly (over 150x each day!) :/

2. Alcohol-based wipes have the potential to destroy the touchscreen sensitivity of our devices. Based on the recommendation of all of our device manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, HTC, etc.), we made Sprucies alcohol-free. We created a high quality product that won’t have any harmful impact on your screen performance.

3. Sprucies are completely vegan! Sprucies are derived from coconuts and are cruelty-free products.

4. Sprucies are made in the USA. We support American manufacturing and are proud to have our wipes made in Maine.

5. Sprucing makes your day a little brighter. Grab a different color Sprucie for every day of the week!

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