We Clean Screens - now we Clean Hands!

It's no surprise that we are obsessed with clean. The fact that most people don't clean the devices they touch all day really grosses us out! When we created our plant-based screen wipes, it was because we found a need for a tech cleaning product that used the ingredients we feel great about using!
Now that we are properly keeping your screens looking good and feeling nice, it is time for us to clean the other part of the problem, your hands!
We are launching a 100% Natural Hand Sanitizer to help keep you that much more spruced up. Our Hand Sanitizer Spray will rid your hands of all of those nasty cold and flu germs (& any other germ you happen to come in contact with) AND will leave your hands feeling extra smooth and moisturized. How do we get your hands feeling so moisturized? We made sure our sanitizer contains aloe vera, avocado and rose hip. Your hands will never be left with sticky residue after using our spray. It comes in two unique and fresh fragrances so you may even be tempted to replace that daily perfume of yours...
The only thing left to choose? Which is your favorite fragrance?
Chamomile Lavender?