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About Spruce & Co

Our hands are germy. And because we touch our screens all day, it’s no surprise that a typical smartphone carries more germs than the bottom of a well-traveled tennis shoe! 

We created our first product to keep your devices looking good and feeling nice - a specially formulated wipe to cleanse your phone, tablet, computer and glasses. Plant-based, vegan and derived from coconut, our wipes are gentle but mighty, and free of harsh chemicals. 
But, we didn't forget about those grimy fingers, and are here to clean your hands! Added to the Spruce & Co product line is an extra moisturizing 100% Natural Hand Sanitizing Spray, available in two fresh fragrances: Chamomile Lavender and Grapefruit. We included aloe, avocado and rose hip to make sure your hands will always feel smooth even after killing those germs. 
Did you know that the average person touches their device 150 times per day?
Your phone is 18x dirtier than a public toilet seat. GROSS!

Sprucies keep your hands and screens clean! 

Natural, Plant-based, Made in USA, Woman-Owned, No Animal Testing

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